High End Studio has the service package for occupants fit-out or renovation of office and administrative buildings. We are glad to support our clients from the initial theories and evaluations. We develop ideas for the interior that secure investments for years, for example through limitless and innumerable options of redefining space. We use products which offer compatibility functional values, for example through their acoustic and thermal set up properties. We have solutions that create a healthier environment for the building occupants. We fulfil buildings and landscapes that suit the owner’s and tenants’ needs and make work easier every day.

For many years, we have committed to provide answers for the changing modifications of office workplaces. High End Studio products have always distinguished themselves by high quality of execution, reliable functionality and safety and extraordinary adaptability. We now also use these strengths to make working environments as comfortable, appealing and economical as possible. Here is our complete fit-outs:

  • productions: floor, ceilings, partitions, doors
  • warm ambiance execution and healthier area climate regulation
  • integrated LED lighting for perfect environment
  • high-quality dry lining for shapes
  • planning of technical building equipment
  • holistic concepts for fire protection, room, acoustics, thermal building physics

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